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Welcome to my website devoted to Chess sets.

Since the first moment I saw a set of chessmen, brought home by one of my older brothers, I was fascinated by those little wooden figures. At that time I must have been about 11 years old.

As soon as my brothers taught me the game I was hooked but after a few months I started to beat them and after that the chessmen stayed in there box. I never played again apart for an occasional game at Christmas.

I always stayed interested in the appearance of chessmen. One can feel the history behind it.

Years later when I fell in love with my wife I played a few games of chess with her brother who was a science student. We played with a beautiful bone set which was for over 180 years in my wife’s family (click here).

Due to his superior intellect he was convinced he would beat me. He didn’t, four times in a row he lost that weekend. He didn’t play chess again after that, neither did I.

It was only when I was 35 or 36 when an acquaintance persuaded me to join his chess club that I started to play again. Ever since I have been playing chess on a regular basis.

A few years later, it must have been in 1996 or 1997, I started collecting chess sets. When we were on vacation in Long Melford, England I saw a beautiful chess set in the window of an antique shop. I had to have it. It was my first antique chess set and it is still in my collection (click here).

In the beginning I bought almost every chess set I could find. The most terrible junk was treasured by me. Now I am more cautious and buy only sets which have some historical interest or beauty. I am mainly interested in antique sets.

Due to the limited space only half of my collection of chess sets is on show. Chess boards or other related items are not shown on my site. Nevertheless I have tried to show you as much as possible of my collection (not too much junk of course)

Over the years I also created some chess sets myself. You can find them (if not sold) under the ‘Other’ button.

Not all are that good but nevertheless there they are.

I hope you’ll enjoy my collection.

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